Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain

Software Developer

About Me

I'm Abhishek, a passionate learner, software developer and Machine Learning Engineer. I'm a strong believer of the fact that AI can change the world for the better, and a contributer to the cause. Lets work together!

Aurangabad, India


Bachelor of Technology National Institute of Technology, Calicut
2019 - 2023
CGPA: 8.12/10

Work Experience

Software Developer at ISTE, NITC students chapter
Part-Time, Aug, 2020 - Present
Working with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript to create and deploy a static webpage. Used Pandas to develop a statistics model for a mock exam conducted all over India. Worked on automation of meagre tasks.
Performance Consolidator at CPhub, NITC
Part-Time, Jan, 2021 - Present
In charge of developing and maintating stats for the Competetive Programming teams at CPhub.

Personal Projects

Rain App
Part-Time, May, 2021 - Present
Worked on developing the backend part of an application to be used during flood crisis in the state of Kerala. Used Flask and Postgresql for building API's.
Particle Identifier
Sep, 2020 - Nov, 2020
Created a particle identifier using the data available from CERN labs. Data form Ring Imaging Chernkov detector was used to detect and identify particles. Path detection algorithm was used to detect the radius and predict its momentum, thus resulting in information about the mass.
Aug, 2020 - Sep, 2020
Created a fully functioning movie reccomender chatbot using Rasa. Used NLP with sentiment recognition to respond to queries.
Optical Character Recognition
March,2020 - June, 2020
Developed a semi working OCR using computer vision principles, getting upto 88% classification accuracy and 76% redability. Used OpenCv and Keras to create a robust scalable software.

Professional Skills

Python: Flask, TensorFlow, Keras
DBMS: Pandas, MongoDB, SQLite
Git, Linux



F-6, Vardhaman Residency, Aurangabad - 431005 , India